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Most of us text right? If you don’t then I’m sure that you know someone who does. There is a very disturbing fact when it comes to how much you are being charged for text messaging data. Some of you have what is called a “data plan” on you phone, which allows you to browse the internet on your handheld device. This plan allows you to go through gigabytes of data every month, usually for $20-$30. Lets now put this into perspective of text messaging. A typical text message plan for 200 messages is around $5/month. Now, lets think about this mathematically. A full message is $0.20. This message weighs in at 140 bytes. Yeah thats bytes as in REALLY REALLY small. If you do the math, this is roughly $1,500/megabyte. If this was a song from iTunes (3-4 megabytes) then you would be paying about $5,000 for your favorite tune. Thata a pretty hefty price tag for moving a few bytes of data from phone to phone.

This is completely ridiculous and should not be happening, but it is. Your texts are DATA! and you already pay for a data plan! This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, yet we all put up with it. The phone companies should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. It is literally robbery when you think about it. You are better off just getting an AIM client for your phone (if available) and use that instead. So, I hope you all think a little differently now that I put things in perspective of how much you are really paying for those pithy little text messages.


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  1. Jon, I love the site. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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