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This week is going to be dedicated to some of the most amazing concepts for the future of the user interface on a computer. To kick things off, I am going to talk a little about the most logical next step in the computer interface with a product called Bump Top. The user interface on a computer has been largely unchanged in the past three decades. We still click on little icons on the desktop or in a window to get what we want. With BumpTop that is transformed into a 3-D space with real physics when you take action on a particular file. The best way to view and explain this is on the video below from one of the designer’s himself. This represents a great evolution in how we may very well be interacting with out computers in the next few years.

Throughout the week, I will be writing on some more futuristic, yet amazing and realistic technologies that will change the way we will interact with computers in our not too distant future. For now, check out this great video on Bump Top!


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