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gesture girl

Today, I want to focus on something very large scale. Imagine being in a room with a giant screen and all the people in that room can participate on that screen together. Take this one step further by touching the screen..without  actually touching the screen! That is exactly what the video below shows. For a large group of people this may be the best collaboration tool available. It works by the user wearing some sort of gloves that allow interaction with the screen without actually touching it. This allows the user to manipulate large scale objects with relative ease.

I think this technology could be incorporated into large televisions for a more integrated user experience once they work all the bugs out. As usual some of these ideas seem a little weird or unlikely at first, but thats what people said about the computer and many other devices we now use on a daily basis. You be the judge.


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  1. Dude, I saw that, and that stuff is crazy. Although it is unique just because what is can do, imagine if this type of technology can help others (especially disabled persons)with communication on computers.

    I know some people already addicted to the TV, this will compromise their knowledge of the outside world lol.

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