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I came across this tiny USB drive by EagleTec. While this is a really neat little device, it is so insanely small that when I saw it I thought that we are becoming obsessed with having the smallest, lightest, thinnest thing out there. My question is…. is this really necessary? Sure, small is good but there is going to come a point where these things CAN’T get any smaller. For example, look at the typical laptop or the one in the picture below, a USB port is roughly 4 or 5 millimeters in height, which means we can’t make a system any smaller than that port. The only way to make anything paper thin is to eliminate the ports all together which means we will have to have wireless firewire, USB, and power adaptors. I will make a comfortable assumption that any of the afore mentioned wireless technologies are coming in the near future. Another fact is that all these tiny things are going to get lost sooner or later. Maybe I’m being cynical, but I am perfectly happy with a .5″ laptop or .25″ iPod. Now if we can make these tiny things hold my entire computer’s contents, then that will be something to really be excited about! When it comes to nano-technology, that is really interesting. When it comes to consumer devices, I think we do without all this paper thin stuff.

tiny USB


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