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  1. Bravo!

  2. I am very like in your photo is very lifephoto

  3. Dude I’m loving this. Good looks.

  4. i love the way this photo is. its beautiful (=

  5. SO COOL!

  6. Great! Tilt-shift lens, or photoshop?

  7. I love this effect. i personally have never been able to do it myself. What sort of Camera was used?

  8. thats a cool picture!

  9. this is cool 🙂

    • your piece is beauty
    • Posted April 27, 2010 at 11:42 am
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    wooohoooo, pretty

  10. its fake? wtf

  11. i dont love your stuff but love your tyff

  12. This is amazing!!
    i love it

  13. Looks like my car! Who needs to live in a big city to photograph one when you can make your own! I love it!

  14. how do you doyour work i know im still younge but id really like to learn more:)

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