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tech effect podcast art

The Tech Effect: Episode 1


Here is an illustration I have been working on for quite some time….on and off. It is finally complete and hope you all enjoy it. I call it “The Art of Music”. Full download link available below.

The Art of Music



I came across this site that does a really fun drink generator based on your mood and the questions you answer. It is from the Appleton Jamaican Rum site. Give it a try to see what fun drink mix you can come up with, or just to see the cool pictures.

Tech Crunch has been working on some tablet designs and have come up with a very cool prototype for an all new tablet computer. It aluminum shell measures only 18mm in thickness. However there is no mention of the screen size, but it looks big. This is an example of some of the best innovation that is taking place right now in computing. I’m looking forward to these prototypes becoming a reality. Thanks to Tech Crunch for the images.



I came across a photography and editing technique that is really neat, called tilt shift. This technique is what makes a regular photograph look like it is a miniature/model. By shooting the image up high and then adding some blurring effects in post-processing, you can make an image look like it was shot as a toy miniature. Check out an examples from around the web below.



Tilt Shift Photo Gallery: