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Tech Crunch has been working on some tablet designs and have come up with a very cool prototype for an all new tablet computer. It aluminum shell measures only 18mm in thickness. However there is no mention of the screen size, but it looks big. This is an example of some of the best innovation that is taking place right now in computing. I’m looking forward to these prototypes becoming a reality. Thanks to Tech Crunch for the images.




I came across this tiny USB drive by EagleTec. While this is a really neat little device, it is so insanely small that when I saw it I thought that we are becoming obsessed with having the smallest, lightest, thinnest thing out there. My question is…. is this really necessary? Sure, small is good but there is going to come a point where these things CAN’T get any smaller. For example, look at the typical laptop or the one in the picture below, a USB port is roughly 4 or 5 millimeters in height, which means we can’t make a system any smaller than that port. The only way to make anything paper thin is to eliminate the ports all together which means we will have to have wireless firewire, USB, and power adaptors. I will make a comfortable assumption that any of the afore mentioned wireless technologies are coming in the near future. Another fact is that all these tiny things are going to get lost sooner or later. Maybe I’m being cynical, but I am perfectly happy with a .5″ laptop or .25″ iPod. Now if we can make these tiny things hold my entire computer’s contents, then that will be something to really be excited about! When it comes to nano-technology, that is really interesting. When it comes to consumer devices, I think we do without all this paper thin stuff.

tiny USB

As the week in user interface design comes to a close, I want to focus on all these technologies as a whole. There is no telling exactly what things will be like in the future, but we can come close. One company that has had a consistent positive vision of how we interact in the future is Microsoft. The company created a video of what things might be like in 2010, and they hit it almost exactly. Therefore I think it is only fitting to show where they think we will be in 2019 in respect to interactive technologies. These are both amazing videos that depict a very functional and useful future that goes back to the basics of what we do as human beings… interaction. In the video depicting 2019, it shows us that we will go back to basic interaction in the most influential, technological and exiting ways. People will be able to communicate on a global level as we never thought possible. Enjoy the videos and heres to the future!

gesture girl

Today, I want to focus on something very large scale. Imagine being in a room with a giant screen and all the people in that room can participate on that screen together. Take this one step further by touching the screen..without  actually touching the screen! That is exactly what the video below shows. For a large group of people this may be the best collaboration tool available. It works by the user wearing some sort of gloves that allow interaction with the screen without actually touching it. This allows the user to manipulate large scale objects with relative ease.

I think this technology could be incorporated into large televisions for a more integrated user experience once they work all the bugs out. As usual some of these ideas seem a little weird or unlikely at first, but thats what people said about the computer and many other devices we now use on a daily basis. You be the judge.

napkin pc 2

For part 3 of this series I want to focus on something very creative and special. Ideas are not to be wasted, and this concept ensures that good ideas can be brought to life.

Ok, this may be very far off or may not even happen, but its a really great concept. The napkin PC by Avery Holleman is something that could let your creativity flow in the most natural way. Some of the best ideas are thought up in the most odd places and at the most odd times. This allows you to collaborate with multiple people and save the work for later in a very slim portable design. By encouraging creative workflows, the napkin PC enables creative professionals with the most basic tools for bringing together great ideas. Imagine being able to just be sitting there and take this device out when you have a good idea and just let it flow, making it perfect for people in business, marketing, and design fields.

napkin pc 4

napkin pc 5

The design centers around a napkin holder that  holds multiple napkin PC devices along with the electronic pens that is not unlike some of the pen and tablet devices that are out there right now. The user can grab a napkin and pen from the stack and just go at it! By using RF and OLED technologies, this is something that can definitely be brought to the market. The way the device is powered is by using inductive circuits to power the napkin when the pen is close to the napkin making it power efficient. However if I had to guess, a set of napkins and pens would set you back a few thousand dollars. When the prices of OLED displays come down though this could be much more affordable.

In honor of Earth Day, this product is also very “green”
napkin pc 6

napkin pc 1
napkin pc 7